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    Call for Erotic Art for Triple SSS 2020

    Show some of the work that you don't really know what to do with--erotic art that other galleries won't hang is welcome in this group show planned for February 2020 in Turners Falls at my tiny litle gallery, Nina's Nook, on Avenue A. 

    This will be the 6th rendition on the theme of Sensual, Sexual, Smut, where artists explore the boundaries (or lack of ) between these definitions on the erotic continuum. All media are welcome for submission to this juried show. Send jpegs to by January 15, include description of materials and size of the works proposed, and your contact information. A $10 fee is asked at drop off to help with the costs of the reception. Submission is free and open to all artists.



    "Mapping the Body" Opens September 12

    Nancy Lautenbach is exhibiting “mapping the body: a mixed media exploration fo the female form” at Nina’s Nook during September/October. The installation includes sculptural surprises as well as wall art. Her Pod Series of drawings and collage features a feminine, organic form that "eludes to secrets, body, sexuality, shame, woundedness, containment, fear, and the intimacy of being,”says Lautenbach Her 365 Series also features this pod form, with collage, text, and drawings, that emerged during Lautenbach's third year of daily art practice. "In whatever medium I choose, the pod appears, staking claim to the landscape of the female experience,” says Lautenbach. "Through line I explore the contours and curves of the body and the movement of her inherent energy.” 

    Mapping the body opens on September 12 and runs through October 26. Join the artist for a reception at the gallery on Saturday, September 14, from 5 to 8 p.m.

    The Nook is at 123A Avenue A, Turners Falls MA 01376


    Cute Little Human Monsters 

    “Cute Little Human Monsters: Observations by Donna Horn” opens on July 25  at Nina’s Nook in Turners Falls. Artist Donna Horn has lived in Wendell and worked at the Wendell Country Store for 26 years; she was drawn to the forests of Wendell after graduating from the UMass fine arts program. Besides being at the helm of the town in the store, she is also known for starting what has become an annual tradition, the Wendell Prom event. The first one was in 2009, and each year Horn manages to outdo herself with the creation of a large float on which she rides in elaborate costumery. 
    The work in this show are paintings representing emotional landscapes and emotional creatures, expressions of what she feels at the time of their creation. Over time, she says that her work has gotten "lighter and more humorous—it used to be darker, a little scary, even. It was the angsty drama of a younger person.” 
    Celebrate with Donna Horn and her creatures at the opening reception for this show on Saturday, July 27 from 3 to 6 p.m. There will be a mini-scene of costume, noise, and refreshments to delight those who come to the little art cave next to Black Cow Burger Bar at 125A Avenue A, Turners Falls. Info:, 413.834.8800. Through August 31. 
    Artwork by Donna Horn, below. 


    Gathering My Wits: Lina Baker-Cimini

    Nina’s Nook is pleased to present the work of Linda Baker-Cimini in her new show, "Gathering My Wits” from June 6 to July 10. Linda’s pen and ink drawings continue to find their way into the hearts and minds of many, where they create smiles and a little more laughter. Her most recent musings, ponderings, and miscellaneous tangents spring from imaginary worlds far beyond Franklin County. Nina’s Nook is at 125A Avenue A in Turners Falls, next to the Black Cow Burger Bar. Online at and 413-834-8800.


    Improvisatory Art by Adam Bosse

    Sound, Color, and Form: the Improvisatory Art of Adam Bosse. 

     Nina’s Nook is pleased to present “Spontaneous Combustion: The Improvisatory Art of Adam Bosse,” during March and April. Bosse is exhibiting some of the visual art that he has created since the fall of 2017, work that he feels visually represents the work he has done as an improvising musician. It is his first gallery show in the area.  
    Adam Bosse is a local electric guitarist and music educator at the Northampton Community Music Center, teaching guitar as well as group courses on blues performance, ukulele choir, and most notably, free-form improvisation.  For the past decade, he has been active in the Western Massachusetts music scene, performing, improvising and recording with a number of local artists. He currently performs with his noise rock guitar and drum duo Fred Cracklin, and the free jazz group 23 Ensemble. 
    Says Bosse, “In the fall of 2017, I had randomly decided to buy a pack of canvases, and some acrylic paints. It felt like my built experience in playing improvised music had suddenly triggered a need to get these spontaneous energies out into the visual world.  I was automatically hooked, and within a few months started exploring a variety of tools and mediums that I could use to create paintings, drawings, and digital collages. “
    Bosse had enjoyed making art as a child, then became obsessed with music when he picked up a guitar at 14 years old. After completing a masters in music from the UMass Amherst Jazz Composition Graduate Program in 2009, he began exploring new creative music scenes in the local area, triggering an interest in a more spontaneous way of approaching and playing the guitar. “I could explore the guitar and all of its sound capabilities beyond the standard scales, harmonies and techniques I had studied over the previous 20 years,” explained Bosse. “In 2017, I started Fred Cracklin’, mixing both composed and improvised material, with the idea of the sound ultimately being explosive.” 
    Experimenting musically, he became obsessively fascinated with the different sound “colors” a guitar could make (feedback, effected sounds, prepared guitar sounds, etc). Artistically, he also became fascinated with how colors and lines could interact with each other, blending into other strange colors and textures that were bigger than the small components, creating a finalized piece from spontaneous activity.  
    “Some of my earliest painted works come from mixing acrylic paints with either water or a pouring medium, making the paints more fluid in their interaction with the canvas,” says Bosse.  After pouring a selection of colors onto the canvas, he’d go into his back yard and toss the canvas violently like a frisbee, spinning the paint into unplanned textures and shapes. “The end results were for the most part exciting, inspiring me to explore more unusual techniques and color combinations,” he says.
    He also started creating line drawing with micron pens, making pieces that felt more controlled, with a result that felt less random and risky. “A lot of what these pieces showcase is an interaction between free flowing lines working in tandem with one another, creating unexpected and unique shapes that only the process itself could create,” says Bosse. The line drawings eventually merged with the textural painted pieces, visual metaphor for the sounds of Fred Cracklin’. “There are elements of controlled, precise composition that could at any point explode and go off the rails into improvisation, much in the same way I create sounds with Fred Cracklin’” comments Bosse, “with the lines almost reigning in the chaos the bright colors create.” 
    Nina’s Nook will present a soundtrack for the exhibition which is curated by Bosse from recorded documentation that he feels best represent the the pieces on display. The more abstract the piece, the more abstract the music. Recordings include works from Fred Cracklin (with drummer Max Goldstein), 23 Ensemble (Andy Kivela, Andy Allen, Andy Crespo, Matt Robidoux), and other various musicians he has played with over the years (Jen Gelineau, Michael Dailey Jr., John Moloney), as well as some students in his improvisation classes over the years.  
    Meet Adam Bosse at an afternoon reception on Sunday, April 16. Nina’s Nook is located at 125A Avenue A in Turners Falls, next tot he Black Cow Burger Bar. For more information: 4513.834.8800 or

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