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    "Transformagination: the Surreal Collage Art of Tiffany Heerema"


    It's the nature of things to serve many purposes other than that which was originally intended, and in the realm of pure imagination, of course, the possibilities are endless. A seashell becomes a boat or a hideaway. An arch in
    the rock functions as a TV nook. Greek columns are barstools at the soda fountain of the gods. Treat yourself to a fantastic alternative reality at Nina's Nook during the month of May! 

    Note: all Tiffany's collages are hand cut, not digital.




    "Look at Me" opens March 19

    Nina’s Nook presents “Look At Me!”  featuring playful wooden sculptures by William Accorsi. Created over the last 7 years, some of the 65 sculptures presented here serve as children’s banks,  others as mirrors or curious puzzles. Other art works include original scenes from the pages of Accorsi’s many children’s books, created in felt, fabric and thread and decorated with wire, buttons, and wood. Accorsi has culled illustrations from hundred-year old childrens magazines to collage many of these new items. 

    The artist has produced nine childrens books, two adult art books of his work, and has been featured by elite galleries around the world. Exhibit opens March 19 through April 26. Nina’s Nook is at 125A Avenue A Turners Falls MA. Open W-Th 4-6pm Fri-Sat 1-6pm and by appointment, 413-834-8800.


    Painting the World Happy with Denyse Dar

    Denyse Dar is a self-taught, naïve artist who began painting just two short years ago in 2011. Dar approaches life with an upside-down, inside-out perspective which translates into unique, happy works with a bright, bold sense of color. She paints the common places passed by everyday in a way that allows viewers to see it with fresh eyes and wonder. Her whimsical landscapes resonate deeply with viewers.
    Dar’s work will be on display at Nina’s Nook, 125A Avenue A Turners Falls MA from Oct 16 to Nov 23 with a reception with the artist on October 19, 5-8pm during the Pumpkin Festival in downtown Turners Falls. For more information about Denyse Dar, visit her website at For more information about the show call 413.834.8800.


    "Flotsam" to Open September 4

    FLOTSAM, photographs and collage by Trish Crapo opens at Nina's Nook on September 4 through October 12. Inspired by walks on the beach during a dune shack residency on Cape Cod last May, Crapo's compositions represent "a calligraphy written by the sea."

    There will be a reception with the artist during the Third Thursday Turners Falls on September 19, 5-8pm.  Nina's Nook is at 125A Avenue A Turners Falls next to the Black Cow Burger Bar. Hours are W-TH 4-6pm, Fri-Sat 1-6pm and by appointment: 413-834-8800. Online at

    Artists Statement

    For the last two weeks of May, 2013, I had the distinct honor and challenge of being awarded a residency in the Margo Gelb Dune Shack in the wild dunes near Provincetown. I had cold days of rain during which the roof leaked, 50 degree mornings when I plotted how to devise aluminum foil bevels behind my propane fridge to divert the heat outward, and, finally, glorious days in the high 90s when I submerged myself gratefully into the salt swells of the sea. One morning, after a storm, I walked the beach and photographed flotsam that had washed up on the sands near my shack. I was struck by the way these natural compositions preserved a calligraphy written by the sea. And later, when I began to look back at examples of my torn paper collage, I realized that I see these compositions everywhere. They are inside me.



    WTF? The art of Bruce Kahn Opening Soon

    Opening Aug 1 at Nina's Nook: "WTF?? The Art of Bruce Kahn" featuring digital photography and photography collage by Bruce Kahn.

    "Kahn was born in a log cabin on the Indiana plains in 1835. He served with distinction as Minister of the Bizarre in the cabinet of Abraham Lincoln. After the death of his beloved President and lover, he returned to a quiet life on the prairie where he invented the wooden cardiac pacemaker, the personal foot massager, and the wheel.
    Using the proceeds from these inventions, Kahn traveled to Turners Falls, MA, where he met Nina, or, as he prefers to call her, Ms. Nook. They have been planning this exhibition for the past five minutes, and are thrilled to welcome you. Please refrain from saying WTF, as children may be present."--Bruce Kahn

     Exhibiting August 1-31 . A reception with the artist is planned for Saturday August 10 during the annual Downtown Turners Falls Block Party. Nina's Nook, 125A Avenue A Turners Falls, MA.
    Hours are Wed-Th 4-6pm, Fri-Sat 1-6pm or by appointment: 413.834.8800.