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    "Promenade of Shoes" in April with Belinda Lyons Zucker

    Multi-media constructions by Belinda Lyons Zucker pay homage to well known shoe icons such as Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) and Elphaba (Wicked) with carefully sculpted and detailed shoes enshrined in miniature dioramas depicting these and other well known characters. Additional sculptures celebrate the symbolic aspects of footwear as more than just the perfect accessory. Companion shoe paintings and cards by Nina Rossi complement the show.

    Opening Reception will be held during Third Thursday on April 16 from 5-7 pm. Take part in the Shoes of Turners Falls Project and have your footwear photographed for posterity!


    January is Renewal TIme

    During the month of January, I keep the store closed and attend to matters at home and inside my own mind. Take a breather, work on some fo the art that really matters to me, not having to keep up with the crafts market items. 

    This year, I am thinking about repainting the inside. It's been four years--and dozens of shows on those walls. Whether I get my butt in gear before the fourth annual Triple SSS exhibit goes up on the 1st of February is another matter. I have to empty out the entire store to repaint. I went downtown the other day to fetch a few items out of there, and the trip from the door to the car, through snow mounds and stuff, was so cold and windy, I gave up and went home instead.  I need some sort of hyperactive condition to come over me and then I will do it.










    Holiday Shopping at Nina's Nook  

    Holiday Hours at

    Nina's Nook 

    OPEN CHRISTMAS EVE   12 -5 pm 

    New for the Holidays, Shimmer Tatts designed by Melissa Drake.

    Gold and Silver temporary tattoos last 3-6 days. 

    A perfect gift for under 10.00


    Fun fashion from the history of Turners Falls!

    Photo earrings by Liz Smith

    Featuring Nina Rossi's documentation of the

    Decline and Fall of the Railroad Salvage Building!


    Cool Shopping and Book Bags


    Nina's Railroad

    Salvage Artwork


    Paper Dogs


    Handmade & Designed by Nina  25.00


    Paper Man 

    Book shelf dwelling figure of


    handpainted paper 

    designed and created by Nina






    Face Nook Opens November 14

    "Face Nook" opens at Nina's Nook November 14 through December 6. Small self-portraits on canvas created by current and former students in the art department at Greenfield Community College will be for sale at the unique fundraiser.

    All proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Art Department. Most canvases are 6x6 inches.  

    Info: 413.834.8800 or  The gallery will be open 1-7pm on November 14. Regular hours are W-Th 4-6pm, Fri-Sat 1-6pm and by appointment. 



    "Welcome to Railroad Salvage" opens at the Great Falls Discovery Center

    Barbara Milot and NIna Rossi look at theold Railroad Salvage building, with historical timeline of the building by Anne Harding.



    In 1987 I moved into a big old house in Turners Falls with a mattress, my clothes and a few odds and ends donated by parents and friends. A trip to Railroad Salvage was necessary to outfit the kitchen with utensils, plates, cups, bowls: cheap items I could afford --and hoped to replace later. A few months later I bought satin slippers there to wear with my wedding gown. Four years later, I found rubberized flannel sheets to slip under my baby’s leaky backside--leftovers from the ‘50s, I think. 

      Over the years my growing family enjoyed the convenience of shopping there (12-6pm on Sundays!) and the surprise factor involved--you never knew what would be in stock: a load of hooked rugs from China or grandfather clocks or yellow denim pants or whatever. Merchandise that was slightly vintage, shop-worn, faded, irregular, was quite welcome in my melting pot decor of prizes found at the dump and tag sales.

    I have fond memories of these bargains that helped outfit my home on the cheap, but most of them have passed into the great jumble of elsewhere, with the exception of my stair runner, which has survived many crazy roommates, a marriage, several dogs and cats, and two sons who surfed and shrieked over it on a crib mattress and later pounded up and down it with their size 13 Chippewa boots.  

    Time has been kinder to me than to the old store, which went through a very long period of abuse and neglect after Railroad Salvage closed down, crumbling away behind chain link fences. It’s too far gone now for even the most foolish dreamer to exercise brick fantasies or another deceptive con artist to work another flim-flam deal, but it’s not beyond consideration by visual artists such as Barbara and I.

    Periodically I walk down and photograph the stages of decay. I made my first construction, “FUBAR”*, in 2007, at a particularly interesting point in time where fresh graffiti was visible and the walls rose to their full height. The round circle of unpainted brick always delighted me, and in newer pieces I have given in to letting the building have as many circles as it wants. Manipulating some of the photos resulted in making canvas totes printed with these colorful images (available at NIna’s Nook ).

    I found out last year that fellow artist and resident Barbara Milot was also studying the building and was ready to render the scene in her own way. We thought an exploration of our twin artistic relationships to this building would be a great idea for a Turners-centric exhibit. Anne Harding joined the project, contributing her amazing research skills to reveal its colorful past. I especially look forward to reading the personal memories of the building as people share them on the interactive timeline.


    *for those who don’t know, FUBAR is an acronym for “f***ed up beyond all repair”