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    "Face Forward" at Nina's Nook October 11-November 17

    October 12 through November 17 at Nina’s Nook: 

    Julianne Jones presents their new work “Face Forward,” an exhibition of paintings and works on paper featuring anonymous decorative faces as well as self-portraits. These “funky face” pieces range in size from miniature canvases to full grown lengths of paper and medium sized canvases. The exhibit includes screen prints and lithography prints drawn on or pasted over with original and scanned doodles. The show aims to immerse the viewer with expressive characters brought to life from paper and paint; their inquisitive stares begging to be met. 

    Jones’ collage and print paintings incorporate print media like monotype, lithography, and screen prints with pieces of other paintings on paper, each adding diversity in texture to the paintings’ surface; their mosaic-like pieces challenge the notion that painting and printmaking are separate artistic actions. A hallmark of their work is the complexity they achieve through layering line, color, and shape.

    Julianne Jones is a Franklin County artist who has exhibited work throughout the Valley, as well as the Berkshires, Hudson NY, and Brooklyn NY. Jones’s work has delved into themes of fat femme body image as well as racial inequality and other social injustices.



    Self Portrait. Julianne Jones. Marker, acrylic, pastel, and oil on paper collage, on canvas. 2018. 16 x 20 inches.

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