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    Good Fight



    Please don’t argue please don’t argue please don’t argue

    So many times my mind in a hunch

    Growing up, cringing inside, conflict twisting in my heart,

    Please don’t argue please don’t argue please don’t argue

    If I could be good and make it all better

    Well how did I get in charge

    Turn it into selfhate like it was prideful wrong

    Wanted to be good, a nun for chrissake !

    Please don’t argue please don’t argue please don’t argue

    And I never could stand up and shout it

    Just be dumb, be dumb, be numbed

    Learning how to drink came real natural at

    Fifteen meeting those body snatchers,

    Men they like the bounce, young stuff !

    Please don’t argue please don’t argue please don’t argue

    Drunk all the time it didn’t matter much who or where

    Get numb real quick then I know what to do, bounce!

    Fighting with fists is real good when anger breaks through the wall

    Letting it out at last, fighting back for real, blood taste fine!

    Please don’t argue please don’t argue please don’t argue

    Not a nun but I got the habit anyway, everyday

    All these dicks I just don’t know what to do with

    Me, big and easy, getting madder and mean and then

    Got on the itch side of the drink and shook all those friends

    Please don’t argue please don’t argue please don’t argue

    Hey finally shook and bounced off the old life

    Put together the fear and the anger and I came out even

    Pretty good trick, right? and a couple a kids too now

    I got the last word, I got the last word in now

    Lock the little house tight, shut the door and good night

    Good night good night good night good night

    good fight!





    In the sungold, dusty, demoted afternoon

    I let you roam

    Nosing each leaf, curiously dappled

    Like you

    Light and dark

    Your bouncing run--

    Wonderful you!

    Brings you no closer

    To rustles and rainbows

    Than I

    In my wish to  fasten

    Your sinuous dash

    in my mind.

    O weiner dog!

    You give me free smiles.





    For Mauschen


    Gladly you take the hint

    that you are bad:

    too quickly, too remorsefully--

    comically pitiful:

    abject shame in your rear

    skooching low, criminal,

    neck in sick extension

    ears skimming the floor.

    I stand my ground.   NO.

    BAD DOG.

    You are a lowly worm

    for five minutes

    groveling in some corner.

    I open the fridge.

    You are back  !

    Sprung with joy--

    no grudge between

    you and the big cheese.






    Down in the trough,

    Nets up, blue woman slapping the waves

    Waiting for wind or swells to lift her

    Up nearer the moon again and

    Smiles and the gulls peck peck

    Pecking at the prow

    Nets up, deep ballast begging gravity

    Tugging deep in the stomach to

    Go down

    Even as the moon pulls her up

    And the swells lift higher,

    She wakes the stars with a cry as

    the wood gives way.


    Very Angry Alcohol Poem

    Fucking the Entropic Yawn of Liquor


    That sodden, leaking body, sponge rich lather

    brain cells dripping sick and sin

    dripping filth lips thin

    puffed cells leaking out to the air

    sugar rich cells screaming calories

    into the moist hair.

    Sour, filth, the yeast smell of fermentation

    something dead and sweet beneath that smell,

    the ethanol worries and rides out along the synapse

    thrill and charge to the finish down hill

    screaming out, flying and creeping

    that corner so blind, kill kill.


    Death of you, of life, of pain and joy over and over every day

    blow 3.2 and more big soaking baby bores repeating

    sadness sleeping and the puking dawn repeating

    liquor in sideways thin as a knife that oath repeating

    daily meeting mouth open tingled red swollen dead

    gas bog and bubble eyes jiggling tracking faster sideways

    great sponge of brain subsiding, rising fuming popping

    mythic freedom, the sweeter blitz of night repeating

    dead ones die, reborn, die.