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    That wall                                                                                 dancing night wall

    That fear                                                                                              to be ignored

    Entanglement, mesh bright hot wire                            beautiful darkness

    Pressure up above the ears                                                      two aspirin

    Hearing you not falling                                                           ignorance is bliss

    Into the net                                                                              swung by the moon

    Strange fish                                                                 comforting sameness, community

    White bladder poking                                                  buoyancy

    Out of its mouth                                                          dead

    By the hundredweight all-familiar                               in droves they came, a multitude

    Again                                                                          disease in stasis

    Stupid cunt in the net                                                   history repeats itself

    Again                                                                          history repeats itself

    Buzz buzz can’t feel what I mean                                brain gripped in truth

    Can’t see what is real                                                              your lies

    Can’t feel.                                                                                My lies

    Anger so slow                                                             erupting on my face

    So afraid                                                                      doors 

    Anger anger                                                                I haven’t entered

    Eat me up anger                                                                       preoccupied with it

    Biting, raging anger red white                                                 save it savor it

    Anger pushing out anger                                                         be gone

    Throwing up anger                                                                  out with it

    Extruding hot steaming anger                                      no more bullshit

    Blind anger lava anger                                     hitting wildly

    Cell consuming anger                                                  condensing

    Melting anger                                                              evaporating

    Get the fuck away from me anger and I am used to it close tolerances

    The way it came out,                                                   quality control

    Turds of words chipping                                                         can’t change him

    Sly obsidian words transforming hate words                          doesn’t even listen

    Imagining words                                                         denial

    Some other life growing words                                   alternatives

    Constructing words nets                                                         safety, sanity

    Nets of words to fall into                                                        creativity

    Hot and blind                                                                          processing

    Caught in the net                                                                     transforming

    Words/poems like fish bladders                                              uplifting

    Caught in the throat as I rise from the depths                          ironic

    You                                                                                         consistent

    Giant beneath the sea                                                               omniscient

    White, huge, primordial                                                           entropic

    Never caught, mythological you                                              generations

    Plath’s mother you                                                                  atavistic

    Monster you                                                                            enraging

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