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    Earrings by Roughmagic Design Studio

    Sparkling Czech glass beads twisted and turned within unique enameled wires, by Liz Smith, at a VERY affordable price!  Posting a picture soon to tempt you.

    Squash Blossom pins...everyone picks them up and is so intrigued...but they want to do something else with them like barrettes or rings or shoe decorations...I'll have to make some hair thingies with them. 

    Picture below of a Neenerbeaners necklace next to a Humbug bag covered with vintage buttons.





    New Items added: scarves, erotica, Hanapacks, rectangular bags

    This is a very small space, but there is always something new every week. This week, I have painted silk scarves by Wednesday Nelena Sorokin. Rich colors blossoming like a mid summer garden across yards of sheer billowing silk! There is the new Hanapack, a corded knapsak made from half a tire, mesh, studs and a zip. I've got another rectangular tire bag made from a 26 inch tire, great for a lap top, book, sketchpad or just lots of stuff. (These tire bags will always be narrow, so don't expect to cram too much into them, you will have to edit down your things if you are used to carrying around a cubic foot or so of stuff.) Also new are "Happy Thoughts", erotic miniatures for adults. Two inch by two inch erotic drawings under glass in a tiny and colorful frame, perfect for giving an idea that is more than a hint to your partner. Due to the explicit nature of these pictures they are displayed inside a cigar box (hmm that's oddly appropriate isn't it) high on the wall of the nook where youngsters can't open them. So far, noone else has opened the box either, but not everyone is interested in naughties. 

    The Hanapack:


    Scarves by Wednesday Nelena Sorokin


    Nina's Nook opens in Turners Falls

    I've rented a tiny slice of Avenue A in Turners Falls, Massachusetts and filled it with my art and craft. Pocketwheel pocket books, fabric bead jewelry, figurines and statues, cool paintings and cards and neat stuff that I continue madly to make! I'm open Friday and Saturday afternoons or make an appointment by calling 413.834.8800. Hopefully I will have time to put more stuff online as well.  


    Upcoming Exhibit



    First Performance of the "Wharf Rats"!!

    Finally, a working band. Jazz guitar, sax, two violins, bass. To be joined by electric bass guitar and then piano player (playing dollhouse piano). It's changed a bit from the original orchestra pit, but who knows what I will end up with. Check out the sculpture gallery to see pix!