Summer Winds Down at Nina's Nook & Cranny
Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 2:52PM
Nina Rossi

As August closes down, I have had to remove moldy furnishings from my cranny where I haven't been able to sit out in for many a day due to the torrential and unpredictable thrunderstorms we have been having this summer. The lack of sunshine in my cranny has been great for growing giant coleus plants, but mold and mushrooms have flourished as well!

This year, I did not try to have outdoor receptions for art shows, and in fact I missed posting one show of sculpture by Ron Edwards on this webiste entirely, concentrating instead on all the ways "social media" can spread the word.

I have felt less ambitious about the store, now in its seventh season. Maybe because I am not making much new work. I wish I had more time to make the arts and crafts I used to, but I've been playing with a few music groups and that has consumed my time, as well as projects with Exploded View and at my house and yard. 

At the Nook through September are the digital collages of Diana Pedrosa of Turners Falls.

Diana Pedrosa is a multi media artist who goes by the alias ixchelailee or ixchel. She combines past photography education and passion for image transfer with her tactile inclinations towards fibers and patterns. 


Her materials include pattern paper, electrical, scotch, & gaffer's tape, found and appropriated images, photographs & photocopies, glue and paint and most recently, digital photo editing programs. 

Recently, she has designed and printed a full deck of custom playing cards, available for pre-order @ 26.00. Viewable on her Instagram account


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